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Whether young or old, at our All-Suite Resort, everyone feels at home. How do we know? It’s the way the children’s eyes sparkle and a smile forms on the grown-ups’ faces as soon as they enter their new holiday home. And it’s the way the surrounding mountains promise one highlight after another: hiking, climbing, mountain biking, and many more alpine experiences are ready to be explored by adventurers of all ages in Kühtai and the nearby Ötztal.

Winter time is family time. The ski school, located only a few metres from the All-Suite Resort Kühtai, has great offers for all ages. Conveniently rent your equipment and let your kids experience their first ski adventures in the kids’ area with carpet lift. The KidsPark provides adventurous beginners a playground and training area for their first jumps and slides. And while adults perfect their skiing in tailored ski classes, their offspring can enjoy fun and games at the ski kindergarten.

Apartments for families

There are many things you can’t buy, and one of them is time spent with your loved ones. Our apartments are designed for those treasured moments of family time that you’ll not only want to include in your family album, but forever cherish in your heart. Different sizes and styles are available to suit your family’s needs. Find the perfect environment and plenty of space for you and your family to create unforgettable memories. Discover apartments made for family adventures that give everyone the room they need to be themselves. Practical, modern amenities and superior comfort allow you to enjoy cooking, eating, playing, and simply having fun together.

Some days should never end. You’ll experience that feeling frequently when staying with us in Kühtai. With all the activities and adventures to be explored in the region, there’ll never be enough hours in the day.

A place you’ll never want to leave.

Our holiday homes are designed to make you feel at home and yet far away from it all. Take in breathtaking views from the comfort of your private retreat. And venture out into the great outdoors to breathe crisp mountain air that’s rich with the aroma of alpine herbs and fresh snow. You’ll instantly feel refreshed and more alive than ever before.

A home
for laughter.